Getting Rid of Unpleasant Odors

Most Realtors® will say “If I can smell it, I can’t sell it.”

Air fresheners sometimes just hide the smell and not get rid of it. You may be better off spending a little more for quality products that actually remove the smell completely. Of course the best way is still to open your doors and windows to let the fresh air in.

Listed below are some of the bothersome odors that you need to take care of, before you open your home for buyers to see.

  • Cigarette smoke – this is the most common complaint of buyers. Unfortunately, even if you smoke outdoors, sometimes the smell still gets in with you. You catch it on your clothes as well. To get rid of the odor, try using ionizers. Ask your real estate agent for suggestions.
  • Food smell – this is a little tricky because some food odors are actually pleasant, such as freshly baked apple pie or freshly brewed coffee. There are probably two or three more, but anything else does not leave an attractive aroma for your buyers. Make sure that your stove is clean inside and out. Double check your blower as well.
  • Pet odor – dog or cat smell will cost you a lower selling price and longer time in the market. This is a fact. Buyers may stop right at the door if you welcome them with your pet’s urine smell. Get your carpet professionally cleaned. You may also want to do some deep cleaning with your couches, bed (if the pet also hangs out in the bedroom) and any other spot in the house that your dog or cat lies on.
  • Garbage smell – just because it’s called a “garbage can” doesn’t mean that you will not keep it clean. Your entire home may be spotless, but if you don’t throw your trash immediately, you will not like the lingering smell. This happens most especially with leftover foods in the kitchen. Empty all of your garbage cans before showing your property. You will not believe the impact this will create on your buyers.

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